Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remidiation

APOLLO has a diverse level of experience in the field of Environmental Remediation including the following:

  • Site remediation of soil and groundwater including in situ and ex situ enhanced biological, stabilization, solidification, chemical fixation and oxidation, vapor extraction, or thermal, and other on-site waste treatments or remediation methods
  • Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling Including Direct Push HSA, Air and Mud Rotary
  • Closure of pits, basins, impoundments, lagoons, sludge de-watering, etc.
  • Specialized decontamination and/or remediation of heavy metals (Mercury, Lead, Chromium, Etc.) and/or organics or other contaminants in soil, water, buildings, piping, tanks, etc.
  • Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Cleaning and Removal W/ Vapor Recovery, De-watering, Water Treatment, Product Recovery, On-site Waste Minimization, and Corrective Action
  • Containment System Construction, MTR Cells and RCRA Cap and Cover Systems
  • PCB Clean-up and Decontamination, Component Decommissioning
  • Drum and Container Management Programs Which Include Drum Washing, Crushing and Recycling
  • API and CPI Separator Cleaning
  • Lab Packs
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Lead Decontamination and Abatement
  • Waste:
    • Sampling and Analysis
    • Packaging and Consolidation
    • Minimization and Reduction
    • Stabilization and Solidification
    • Transportation and Disposal
    • Treatment - De-watering, Neutralization, Thermal, Bio, Etc.