Environmental Drilling

APOLLO® has experienced professionals to investigate, assess and remediate soil and groundwater contamination including sampling and in situ treatment of soil and groundwater. Difficult access is not a problem for APOLLO®. APOLLO® has a diverse fleet of large and small drilling and sampling equipment that is compact and self-contained for access to those areas with challenging terrain or limited space.

  • Environmental, Geotechnical, Geothermal and Water Well Drilling
  • Licensed monitor well drillers
  • Direct-push sampling
  • Rotary auger drilling
  • Monitor well installation
  • Soil and groundwater treatment
  • Barge-Mounted, Track-mounted, ATV-mounted or trailer-mounted drill rigs
  • APOLLO® holds driller’s licenses in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Pennsylvania

APOLLO®’s drilling and sampling equipment is custom-made to overcome sample access problems. If we can’t get to the sample location, no one can.