Featured Project: Property Development

APOLLO® performed site investigation and remediation services for a 9-acre property designated for private development under the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program. Subsurface soil samples were collected and groundwater monitoring wells were installed to devise a strategy to achieve budgetary and time constraints while complying with technical and regulatory requirements. Site activities included the following:

  • Removal of approximately 40,000 cubic yards of metals and pesticide impacted soils for off-site disposal.
  • On-site treatment/stabilization of lead-impacted soils to achieve TCEQ Class 2 disposal criteria
  • Building and concrete demolition
  • QA/QC sampling, waste characterization and air monitoring
  • Backfill installation, compaction and grading
  • On-site soil treatment and off-site disposal
  • Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) for groundwater
  • Certificate of Completion for soil remediation
name of equipment
name of equipment