Featured Project: Active Metal Coating Facility

APOLLO® conducted removal operations of PCB-impacted soils from an active metal coating facility located in Houston, Texas. Excavation activities included the separation and handling of separate waste streams according to the level of PCBs in each waste stream. In addition, APOLLO® conducted GPS-guided surveying throughout the excavation process. The project entailed the following:

  • Implementation of a Site-Specific Safety Plan
  • Installation of stormwater controls and dust suppression systems
  • Removal of approximately 7,500 square feet of concrete paved area
  • Excavation of approximately 500 cubic yards of Class 1 soil and approximately 7,300 cubic yards of Class 2 soil
  • Excavation of approximately 3,000 cubic yards of TSCA PCB-impacted soil
  • GPS-guided surveying of excavated areas
  • Stockpiling, management, and loading of PCB-impacted soils for off-site transport and disposal to separate facilities as required
  • Backfilling and compaction testing of excavated area
  • Performed on-site air monitoring activities throughout excavation
name of equipment
name of equipment