Featured Project: Hazardous Waste Landfill Constructionn

APOLLO® constructed a 5 acre hazardous waste landfill in south Texas. This hazardous waste landfill was a permit expansion project for a commercial landfill facility. The landfill consisted of double liner, double leachate collection system. APOLLO® excavated the landfill cell, installed the leachate and liner systems. APOLLO® was also responsible for the Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the construction process. The project consists of the following activities:

  • Excavation, transport and stockpiling approximately 75,000 cy of soil material for landfill expansion
  • Installation of approximately 19,000 cy of a 3’ clay liner
  • Installation of over 400,000 sf of 80 mil HDPE liners
  • Purchased and installation of over 5 acres of geonet geotextile drainage/leachate layers
  • Installation of leachate collection trenchs, sumps and collection system
  • Installation of the temporary cover on adjacent landfill cells
  • Management of water within the excavation
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name of equipment
name of equipment