Featured Project: Former Uranium Mine Reclamation

APOLLO® conducted contour grading at an abandoned uranium mine located on private property south of Whitsett, Texas for the Railroad Commission of Texas. Activities included clearing and grubbing approximately 85 acres of land, control burning, and the handling of approximately 440,000 cubic yards of spoil for backfilling the former mine. In addition, radiation monitoring of site personnel was conducted throughout the length of site activities. The project included the following:

  • Implementation of the Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan
  • Construction of a two-mile access road
  • Clearing and grubbing of approximately 85 acres of land
  • Performing two control burns at the bottom of the former mine
  • Dust suppression activities
  • Contour grading of the 85 acres (former mine)
  • Implementation of a radiation monitoring program that utilized dosimeters and urinalyses for project personnel as well as radiation surveys of the site throughout construction activities
  • Excavation of approximately 440,000 cubic yards of spoil material
  • Construction of approximately 7,200 linear feet of gradient terraces
  • Ripping and disking 85 acres
name of equipment
name of equipment