Featured Project: Construction of Geotextile Tube Core Dune

APOLLO® completed the field implementation portion of this dune construction project at Silverleaf's Seaside Resort. APOLLO®'s field services team provided project management and field implementation including the following activities:

  • Development of Construction Plan for work to be performed
  • Implementation of Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan
  • Installation of silt fence to protect adjacent wetlands during construction activities
  • Installation of approximately 600 linear feet of geotextile tube, including implementation of slurry system for filling tube
  • Excavation and transportation of sand for placement over geotextile tube and construction of frontal dune
  • Grading of sand to a specified elevation, utilizing laser surveying equipment, for over 600 linear feet of beach
  • Conducted quality control testing for borrow source material, including sieve tests and color testing to match existing beach
name of equipment
name of equipment